About Paolo Castellari

I worked for many years in advertising and communication agencies in Milan. I have travelled since 1999 and discovered a lot of people and cultures through more then 50 countries. All these places gave me a different, multi coloured point of view that I try to transfer by my camera. In 2014 I started a professional course of photography in Milan (IIF Italian Institute of photography) and  I became a professional Photographer, a “Life Photographer”.

Life photography is the way I define what I do. What I am.

In my world, there are no distinctions between landscapes, portraits or street photography, but between places, moments and lights.
Three features that, if mixed in the right way, lead to the public not a pretty picture, but a picture that speaks, a living image.
Through the pictures I tell a story, transferring emotions that cause other emotions, in a domino effect that brings with them all the life that I discover every day around me.

“A journey is not the point of arrival, is the road you drive to get there”.

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