Slideluck is a non-profit arts organization based in New York and dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since 2000, Slideluck has been bringing events that combine a multimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner to over 85 cities and communities all over the world. In August 2015, I have been selected to make two exihibitions with my Project “Old Tradition and new Rites” in Ubud Town and Denpasar City.

Presented at SLIDELUCK Ubud and Micro Galleries Denpasar
“Old tradition and new rites” Project
The island of Bali narrates a world of traditions. From Denpasar’s markets to Ubud’s rice fields, from Jimbaran’s fishermen to Klotok’s dancers, passing through the “Hakare Kare” Tenganan festival, you are striked by ancient habits and ceremonies that take you back in time. But the eye of a accurate observer knows that Bali is not just this. New generations jostle to come forward, marrying modern rites and fast changes.

Presented at SLIDELUCK Ubud II
Heroes in the Hell
Every day, in the depths of Kawah Ijen in East Java it is consumed the terrible battle between man and nature. Considered heroes by the local people, three hundred miners walks towards hell, into the mouth of the volcano, to offer their contribution and placate the hunger of lava and blood of the fire Giant. A feeble light illuminates the path, while the dark trying to swallow their lives. They have a coat of yellow smoke and faces covered to hide their suffering and protect themselves from the fumes of sulfur mine. It ‘s a journey into the bowels of the despair. The protagonists are dressed rags and their lungs burnt from harmful gases. Only the lucky ones among them are wearing rubber boots and have gas masks, the others face the violent emissions of sulfur and the steep ascent, equipped only with wet scarves and slippery flip flops. Every kilo transported to the Valley is weighed and paid 900 rupees / kg. The strongest are able to carry up to 100 kg at a time to earn 90.000 rupees for each descent (about USD 8 per load). It is a work to the limit of force and human possibilities. But they are the heroes of the Kawah Ijen and they feed on the dismayed gazes of those who consider them super-men, surrounded by a landscape of innatural beauty. Every day, a new dawn illuminates the crystal clear lake in the deep end of the crater and every day the miners finish their shift, knowing that others will come after them in the eternal struggle for survival.


Opposing Lights
The exhibition took place in the famous cliff restaurant El Kabron, situated in Nusa Dua area. The exhibition includes a selection of 15 photographs taken between 2014 and 2016 during the travels that the artist has undertaken in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. The photographs were selected from a much larger Portfolio that includes a research on the forms, lights, backlighting and shadows reproduced exclusively taking advantage of natural light.
Opposing Lights tells a world of silhouette that come to life illuminated by the sun. From the cutout of little monks in Myanmar, to the ancient Buddhist Temple’s profile of Borobudur in Java; from the fisherman’s Silhouette in the crystal clear waters of Gili Air, in Lombok, to the roofs of the complex of Wat Pho, in Bangkok. A collection of back light shots that come to life at dawn and dusk. Shadows without faces that come alive, creating a mosaic of stories. Profiles animated. Opposing Light. Living Images. Life Photography.

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